Fishing Report:

2 Bulls Caught And Released On Bullbuster Monofilament

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Shark Fishing In Florida Off The Beach.

Jesus, Jonathan and Luis spent a night Shark Fishing and Luis had the hot hand on this night. After a couple of hours had past Luis was sleeping on the comfortable beach sand when his 14/0 loaded with Bullbuster Monofilament and with a big Cuda head gets picked up. It's a solid hit. After letting the Shark eat, Luis eventually hooks the Shark and the fight begins. After a bit Jesus goes in a ropes a nice Bull Shark. After a few pics Jesus and Luis release the Bull Shark and off she went.

Bull Shark caught on the beach in Florida

"Luis hooks up and the battle begins"

Bull shark caught on Bullbuster

After a bit the tide changes and the bite slows down until once again Luis's 14/0 gets picked up. This time its a Big Cuda Tail for bait. Luis hooks up and the battle begins. Luis puts a lot of pressure on this fish putting the heavy Bullbuster Monofilament to test. He stops the Shark and after a bit shes close and its a Big Bull Shark. She is very large with a Very Big Girth. A few pics and the Shark pretty much releases herself as seen in the video. A great night for the Ninja Squad.

Bullshark caught on Bullbuster

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