Fishing Report:

New Jersey Striper Fishing 4 20 2019

Author: Ryan Carson

Striper Fishing In New Jersey April 2019

Another day =more fish.

Today was by no means an easy day for fishing or being on a boat. We launched just after 6:30am in hopes to find the fish we were catching the day before. Winds were kicking rain was pouring and the bay was extremely rough. We stuck it out through the weather and we were rewarded.

New Jersey Spring Striper Fishing

Due to water conditions and only two of us on the boat we only trolled 2 rods to keep it manageable considering there was times on the trip yesterday that we had 4 fish on at a time.

We landed 3 nice fish 29-32 inches. Lost a nice 40+ - fish at the back of the boat due to my error with the backup net after my normal net broke yesterday on a fish.  Lost a few others due to heavy boat rocking. Fish seemed to be in slightly shallower water today with all hits being in 28 foot of water and less. All our success was once again thanks to JoeBaggs Tackle white mojos were the ones that did the trick. The fish we kept today swallowed the whole mojo right up to the head. The movement on the Joe Baggs #patriotfish makes these fish hit hard and quick especially considering water temperatures are still in the mid to high 40s.

While we were out there we saw 3-4 different seals and had a chance to have a whale surface 15 yds from us twice before disappearing.

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