Fishing Report:

Anglers For The Cure KDW

Author: Mike Milewski

Kingfish Dolphin Wahoo Tournament Report

Anglers For The Cure KDW (Kingfish Dolphin Wahoo) Tournament

The alarm goes off at 3:00am and it is time to get ready and fish Anglers For The Cure KDW! We loaded up the boat with all our of gear, ice and food for the day. The next stop was to the local live bait guy to load up the live well with gogs and some blue runners. Keep in mind if you plan to live bait make sure you always have a plan to secure the bait you need to fish prior to the day of. Speaking of planning if we are fishing a tournament or committed to a day fishing I start all the prep work a number of days before. Planning is a key element to a successful day of fishing.

Mahi In A KDW Tournament

We made the decision to run north and fish Jupiter /the Juno Ledge with our main focus on Kingfish. Our spread was simple two ribbon fish on our downriggers, blue runner on a shotgun line and gogs on the flat lines.

Big KDW Kingfish

For us the day was going by slowly with very little action. We made move after move with little success. Once again we picked up our lines and pushed out to 180ft. However we found some action within a few minutes. Bonita’s and kings were smashing our top water baits. We were happy to get some action and keep the rods bent.

Bonita In A KDW Tournament

We reworked the same area until the bite slowed down. It truly was a beautiful day!

We did not find the fish we needed to place, but made some fish dip and tacos for diner the next day.

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