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Author: Str8_Hookn

Surprise Catch While Shark Fishing

I get a call from my fishing buddy late Wednesday telling me the bite was on fire that afternoon so we needed to head out and deploy some baits. It didnt take much convincing and the decision was made to meet up at the beach the next afternoon after work. 

"The last line to come in was a..."

 We arrived around five and there was a small chop with a light west wind. We had about four hours of daylight to try and put the toothy critter on the beach. The tide was about to swing to incoming so we readied the rods and bait. Thick slabs of ray were used on two rods and a tuna on the last. Shortly after the baits were dropped the tide changed and the chop laid down. 

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What a beautiful evening it was turning into. Bait rods were out in the hopes of catching fresh bait. Several dink whiting were caught and released and a small bonnet head. No fresh bait tonight. The minutes passed, then hours and still no takers. Nine PM rolls around and we’re in disbelief. The day before was action packed and this evening nothing. Time to pack up. One ray bait and the tuna bait were untouched, unbelievable. The last line to come in had foul hook a loggerhead turtle. The scramble was on to get the hook out and get this magnificent creature back into the water. Luckily the hook had not penetrated the turtle’s flipper, so hook removal turned out to be easy. What a relief! The last ray bait was untouched as well. We can’t catch fish every time, but it beats sitting on the couch. This was a prime example of why it pays to have the right gear to bring in whatever you hook in to and there's no doubt the bullbuster monofilament and bullbuster braid combo on the reel helped get this guy in fast and heathly for the release.The great thing about the ocean is you never know what’s going to happen. Better luck next time

Not a great picture cause we were in a hurry to get him back on his way.

To give a little scale to how big this thing was. That chunk of ray is 10 to 12lbs.

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