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You Asked For 150 Lb Test Mono & Now Its Here!

Author: Bullbuster Team

Why To Get 150 LB Monofilament !!

Because its our mission to help you spend more time fishing we always have our ears open for feedback.  We constantly work to improve both products and the delivery of those products to you in a way that we hope helps members of the Bullbuster community spend more time fishing. We hope you enjoy our fishing lines and the time money you can save by buying directly from our factory.  

150 Lb Monofilament

For the past few years many shark fishermen have been asking us to come out with a 150Lb line.  With the release of our bulk 22Lb spools (mainly for land-based shark fishing).  We have just added 150Lb to our line up and we think you are guna like it.  This line has a whole new feel to it.  A feel thats taken us the past 5 years to develop keeping land-based shark fishing in mind.  We hope you enjoy it and we hope to see some more monster sharks being landed on our 150Lb mono!

150 Lb Monofilament


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