Bullbuster In Action:

Yellowtail Snapper & Big Red Grouper

Author: Chase Smith

Summer Bottom Fishing Offshore Naples

Bottom Fishing Offshore Naples

 The other night we decided to take a trip about 25 miles offshore of Naples, Florida. I had just gotten off of a long day of work and was beyond excited to go catch some fish. Our bait of choice for this trip was whole squid, live pinfish and cut up bonita

"The very first drop we I caught a twenty five inch red grouper"

It was rough weather but we had a good feeling that with the full moon and a couple new spots we found  that we would end up getting into the fish. The tackle of choice for this trip was three lightweight spinning set ups, three heavier grouper set ups and three trolling rigs.

 We left the marina around 6 PM, using the cast net to load up our live well full of pinfish and headed offshore. When we got to the spot the very first drop I caught a twenty five inch red grouper. After some getting rocked up a few times by grouper, we managed to get four keeper red grouper. 

"When we got back to the house, it was time to fry up some fresh yellowtail snapper and grouper nuggets"

To catch these fish we were using a knocker rig (6 oz egg sinker, 3/0 Owner circle hook) and 30 pound Bullbuster braid with 60 pound Bullbuster fluorocarbon leader. When the grouper bite died we decided to chum the water up for some yellowtail snapper.  

After a couple hours we filled up the coolers with some nice flags and headed home. Although I had work early the next morning, it was worth the trip! All snapper were caught on Bullbuster twenty pound braid and twenty pound fluoro leader.  When we got back to the house, it was time to fry up some fresh yellowtail snapper and grouper nuggets.

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