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Wintertime Fishing In San Diego

Author: Andrew Hauser

Winter Time Fishing in San Diego

Winter Time Fishing In San Diego
Me and my daughter with a nice sandbass

It’s great when a plan comes together. Looking at the forecasts we saw there was a lot of water moving (big tidal swings), the swell was minimal, and the winds were nonexistent for the day. For us that meant only one thing we’re going fishing.  Winters in San Diego mean either boat work or Internet fishing for some but for us we like to fish as often as possible so we knew you were going to go bass fishing as pelagic are hard to come by this time of year.  San Diego water temperatures drop to mid to low 50s and currents switch up a little bit from summertime fishing.  Also the rockfish season in San Diego is closed during winter unless we want to go to Mexico, so bass fishing it is. 

Winter Fishing In San Diego
Big wintertime sandbass

  With bass fishing on the mind, we rigged our gear and headed out.  My go-to rod is a 8ft med-fast rod paired with a Lexa 300 filled to the brim with bullbuster.net 30 pound braid and a top shot of bullbuster.net 20 pound florocarbon. We fished depths from 80ft-120ft.  All fish caught were tight to the structure so the floro was a must for abrasion resistance.  The go to lure was a saltwater tube jig but squid with a sliding egg sinker would work just fine.  I would also fish the double rig with a Lexa 400 filled to the brim with bullbuster.net 65 pound braid and a 40 pound top shot of bullbuster.net fluorocarbon. When fishing bass, a highly visible-braid is an absolute must so you can see the line twitch or any other non natural movement. 

   Bass fishing for us is all about fun as we practice catch and release 100% of the time.  The bite was full speed for pretty much all the morning. The kiddos get to practice their technique along with good nature practices. We left them biting as it was getting late and still had a run uphill home.  Bass fishing can be a great way to work on your skills before the real action starts, perfecting connection knots, boat positioning, and all around more time on the water.  A special thanks to bullbuster.net for allowing us to have a forum to share our stories which in turn motivates us to fish more.

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