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Why You Should Take Your Kids Fishing When They Are Young

Author: Bullbuster Team

My Story To My Start In Fishing!

Some of the best memories in my life were holding on to the side of the console on an 18 foot Robalo crashing through waves.  Filling the baitwell with threadfin and heading offshore.  Those were the days. On rainy days, playing with a bent stick pretending that we had hooked a marlin or a big shark.  Skimming through Florida Sportsman fishing reports checking off the ones we had caught.  


I remember my first school of Mahi, man it was magical they were darting back and forth under the boat and lightening speed all lit up. When we got back we must have taken 10,000 pictures, we felt like rockstars. 

The old trusty Robalo she was our 60 ft. Viking and a gateway into the Caribbean.  Every trip was its own adventure whether it was down the street to the "House" (a favorite snapper hole) or 20 miles offshore for mahi.  Another favorite of ours was kite fishing for sharks in the finger channels of Biscayne Bay. 

gateway into the Caribbean

At the helm was always Cpt. Ned.  (my friend Zack's dad) a marine engineer with an unlimited Cpt.'s license and an answer to each and every question about life and the way things work.  Ned taught Zack and I everything we needed to know when it came to fishing.  To this day, I use the first knot he taught me  (the uni knot) for pretty much all of my fishing needs. 

Captain Ned

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