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Why We Dropped The 300 Yard Spool Of Braid

Author: Bullbuster Team

Why No 300 Yard Spools Of Braid?

"Its like putting your toes halfway in the water"

Some months ago we dropped the 300 yard spool of braid from our braided fishing line product line up.  Why you might ask, well we decided that 300 yard spools aren't for anglers who have made a commitment to their craft, to their hobby, to their passion. Its like putting your toes halfway in the water, and when you put your toes halfway in you don't do it.  

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You see what happens when you do that, is you loose in many ways.  One you aren't committed enough to go, and when we say go, we mean no matter what. Strap yourself into the rollercoaster and get out there. 

 The other way you loose is monetarily.  If you don't go all the way in, you end up buying a spool that took hours to break down into a tiny spool.  You are robbing yourself for your future of fishing expenditures.  So, lets just say we put our foot down.  Go for bulk fishing lines, or go to a tackle store. #SpendMoreTimeFishing

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