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Recently Elli and I packed up our bags, shuffled through the airport with a ton of luggage and rod tubes, to make our way down south to Miami. For an annual trip we like to take to target peacock bass. This year once we landed we soon met up with a few of our YouTube subscribers and all took the trip in hopes of getting them on their first peacock bass. Our new friends were a really cool couple from Colorado named Jason and Melissa. I have a few spots in southern Miami that I frequent. The location is beautiful the water quality and clarity is amazing and the bites usually decent. All I can say is when your peacock bass fishing in Miami you better bring extra money for shiners because they don't come cheap.  After visiting F&F tackle to grab seven dozen shiners we rushed to the spot where we rigged up with our Bullbuster mono. I quickly realized that the water levels in the pond were lower than I had ever seen them which slightly worried me. 

I explained to Jason that hook placement on the live bait is important as it will dictate the movement of your fish. For instance if you hook it in the top of his back he will swim down and away from you, which can make it much easier to keep in contact with your bait and feel when he gets finicky. It could also be beneficial to hook them in the face as this causes them to swim in towards you, when most times the peacock bass are feeding on the bait fish right at the shallows before the drop off, this hook placement will cause the fish to swim right to that point/area.

We were all rigged up and we began flicking out live shiners right pass the drop off. Before you know it it was a frenzy! All you could hear was people shouting "fish on", the sound of drag, and people scurrying to the shiner bucket. We were hooking up, doubling up, it was a blast. The goal of getting our subscribers on their first peacock bass was so easily achieved. It was exciting sometimes two to three other peacocks would follow a hooked peacock all the way into the shore and one of us would throw at the followers and hook up. 

We were also catching large mouth bass and stud Mayan cichlids. But with all this action the minnow well ran dry quickly, good thing I had brought some night crawlers to fool around with also, they turned out to be super productive as well. We tied on 1/16 oz jig heads tipped with a little piece of night crawler and we're catching Midas cichlids and a bunch of other unknown species. I actually managed to hook up my new PB Mayan cichlid, I did not get a weight or measurement but a decent picture.

I found that the 12 to 20 lb Bullbuster mono and fluorocarbon is perfect for this application and performs outstandingly. With some live shiners a 1 oz size hook a 1/16 oz pinch weight you can sure put a hurting on these Miami peacock bass. I sugguest you get out there and spend more time fishing. Snatch some line for your epic fishing adventures at Bullbuster.net!! Check out a full video of our adventure on our YouTubue channel - Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing https://youtu.be/WB_GACc8MIA

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