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Why Do People Use Yellow Fishing Line Or "Hi Vis" Fishing Line?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Whats All The Buzz About Hi Vis Fishing Lines

Why Do People Use Hi Viz Fishing Line?

If you ever hear a fishermen talking about using hi-vis lines they are usually talking about either neon green, or yellow fishing line.  The term hi vis sometimes written "hi viz" means "high visibility". Colors like neon green are usually easy for anglers to spot because the way that the light reflects of them in the water.     

Yellow fishing lines are important when you need to figure out whats going on, and FAST!

3 Times Where Hi Vis Lines Can Be Used To Your Advantage

1) Trolling - When you are trolling, you often want to be able to see where a specific lure is in your spread.  (See Bullbuster Ambassador Jaren Luke's Article on trolling patterns).  Hi visibility yellow  fishing lines make it a lot easier for you to visualize your spread.  This is especially important when you hook up to a nice fish. 

What Fishing Line To Use When Trolling
Its important to be able to clear your spread quickly when a pack of massive ahi wreak havoc on it. You need to know which lines need to cross which, which lure is accidentally hooked on one of your lines. It can be a stressful situation, yellow lines just make it a little less so, in that they stand out against the white backwash of a boat still in motion.
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2) Kite Fishing -  When you are kite fishing offshore, you have a lot going on at once.  You need to be able to see your line clearly against the backdrop of the sky. 

Yellow Fishing Lines For Kite Fishing
Above is a picture by #BullbusterAmbassador Angler Management of them heading out offshore, notice the kite reels (High Speed Conventional Qualias), are spooled up with yellow fishing line. This allows them to be ready to react fast when a sailfish starts greyhounding through their spread. Questions going through their mind in this situation include "Which rod has the fish?" or "Which rod do I need to reel on fast to get out of the way of the fish?"

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3) Night Fishing  -  Yellow fishing line glows naturally when you shine a flashlight on it.  This can be super important if you need to figure out what is going on and fast. 

Night Fishing With Yellow Fishing Line
Pictured below is Bullbuster Ambassador Jaren Luke with a nice Ulua from the rocks. When fishing for Ulua from the rocks, anglers often have to navigate between many other rods, having yellow fishing line makes it a lot easier to do this navigating.
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