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Which Rod Action Is Best For Snappers!

Author: Jianni Hitchman

In My Opinion The Best Rod Is Medium

To me I love to feel that fight with a nice 15in Snapper, I love the fact how the rod bends down with all that strength that snapper has. I always love a good fight with a Light rod not going to lie makes me feel strong. So hopefully i get a nice boat to make my way out in the boat to get those monster fishes out there!

My Rod
My Rod is a Ugly Stick GX2 6'6ft

Medium Is Known To Catch Better Snappers, Jacks, etc...

I think Medium action is the best because the fact that's not so big or small. Just having it in your hand is comfortable not like those monster huge rod. See to catch Jacks you don't need a huge rod because it would take away that excitement you have, especially that jacks fight extremely hard. My Ugly Stick GX2 still hasn't gave up on me yet and hopefully it won't #Broke. 

Where To Find This Rod?

This Rod I personally have you can find it at Walmart, or your nearest Tackle shop. Shouldn't cost more than 35 Bucks. 

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