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When In Doubt WADE It Out! Indian River Speckled Trout Fishing

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Wade Fishing For Indian River Sea Trout

Winter in South Florida often brings, unpredictable weather and wind. One of my favorite fisheries to explore during the this period is the Indian river lagoon. Wade fishing is manageable During our Rough NE cold fronts, which often leave offshore and beach fishing out of the question.

Recently My friends and I have been getting into some scattered speckled trout schools. The numbers of trout are still not that high and very hit or miss from area to are, but are certainly showing up. I caught my biggest trout last week right around the 5 lb mark and 25-26in.

These fish will test your patience, as they require super light drags and cautious handling as they often come unhooked very easily, with their super soft mouthes. I have attached two videos from our 2 recent trips wade fishing the Indian river in the Ft pierce area. 

Indian River Gator Sea Trout

All fish were caught on 20lb bullbuster fluorocarbon leader, and a combination of topwater walk the dog style baits and soft plastic DOA cals. The early morning bite is my favorite time to fish for trout and I like to make long casts, as big gator trout tend to be very weary of your presence. The trout bite should continue to get hotter as we move towards March, and its a great fishery to partake in especially when your limited to inshore fishing during cold fronts. 

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he day started out with one of my favorite conditions, that being overcast with a  slight drizzle. I knew this would have the fish fired up. We started out the day with Rich's first and biggest snook, not big by any means, but for him it was a solid fish as he was new to the snook game. 

Wade Fishing For Sea Trout

Wade Fishing For Snook

"I figured deeper pilings would be holding fish... boy was I wrong.. Ryan ended up out-fishing me 2:1"

Wade Fishing For Snook

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Wade fishing is a great way to get some world class fishing in on a budget.  You won't believe how many fish anglers catch just by wading into the right spots.  Many wade fishermen out fish boat fishermen.  As a matter of fact in Texas wade fishing is so popular that some Texans will use their boat to get to their favorite spot then jump off and start wading. 

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Snook Fishing

Sea trout are one of the most common fish caught by wade fishermen. They are a lot of fun on artificials and actually make great table fare.  Below is an article that takes the best videos from the web for cooking sea trout and puts them into one place.  We hope that you enjoy it!  Look out for the recipe by Castin Cajun (RIP) he had a legendary Louisiana fishing show and always had the best humor.  The recipe in this article by Castin Cajun is called Trout Terez (after his grandma since it was her recipe).   Even if you aren't cooking your Sea Trout today you should check out the recipe by Tony from Castin Cajun it is awesome.  

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