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What Line To Use When Trolling For Walleye

Author: Ryan Peters

Wisconsin Walleye Fishing

When trolling for Walleye on the Bay of Green Bay I use 12 pound Bullbuster Monofilament. This line has a smaller diameter than competitor brands, but still has more than enough strength to handle whatever the bay can throw at you. I have caught multiple Musky in the 48" to 53" class using this line. This line is also extremely abrasion resistant which is very helpful when attaching planer boards to the line. We almost always use planer boards on the Bay for walleye, and they are usually attached in the same general area of the line over and over. When I am walleye fishing I carry 18 trolling rods in the boat. Nine are typically set up to pull crank baits, and the other nine are set up for crawler harnesses. All 18 rods are filled with roughly 600 feet of 12 pound Bullbuster mono. 

When walleye fishing, we are typically fishing anywhere from 4 to 30 feet of water with leads behind the boards being anywhere from 10 to 100 feet behind the board. While walleye can put up a decent fight, they do not pull out any extreme amount of drag which would require more line on a reel. I back these lines on the reels with used 20 pound Bullbuster  mono from Salmon fishing on Lake Michigan. This line has no issues with being used for an entire season as a guide. I change my line every year regardless of how much it is used, but the average fisherman fishing on the weekend could expect this line to last two to three years with no issues. As mentioned before this line is extremely abrasion resistant, and strong enough to battle any fish the bay has. 

Trolling For Walleye

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