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What Line To Use When Salmon Fishing

Author: Ryan Peters

Choosing Your Fishing Line For Trolling For Salmon

When trolling on Lake Michigan for Salmon, we use multiple line setups for many different reasons. Multiple rods are set up with lead core which are usually run on planer boards to reach specific depths where the fish are located. Lead core is typically set up with one to ten colors. One color of lead core is 30 feet long, and sinks roughly five feet per color. Depending on reel size, and length of lead core, we use 40 pound Bullbuster braid, or20 pound Bullbuster monofilament as backer. For a ten color lead core, we use braid as backer, and for a 3 color or less, we use mono.  From the end of the lead core to the lure, we run 40 feet of 20 pound Bullbuster mono, and then a 10 to 15 foot segment of 20 pound Bullbuster Fluorocarbon. Copper line in different lengths is another type of setup we use. Copper is used pretty much the same way as lead core, but it runs deeper than lead core. We use 40 pound Bullbuster braid as backer and from the end of the copper to a 10 to 15 foot lead of Bullbuster Fluorocarbon. Wire Dipsy divers are used to reach any depth up to 100 feet, and even more in some cases. Between the Dipsy and lure, we use a 18 inch snubber, and then 8 to 12 feet of30 pound Bullbuster Fluorocarbon. The last of the rods are set up with all 20 pound Bullbuster Monofilament. Every rod that I use for Salmon fishing has some type of Bullbuster fishing line on it. 

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