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What Fishing Line Do I Need For Dolphin Fishing?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Tips To Help You Choose Your Line For Dolphin Fishing

What Fishing Line Do I Need For Dolphin Fishing?
L&H with a Mahi out of Miami on Bullbuster mono

We wrote this article as a guide to help you choose your fishing line for dolphin fishing. We wrote this article assuming that you are just getting into offshore fishing. We will include the different kinds of fishing lines you may need when fishing for dolphinfish (mahi). 

What Braided Fishing Line Should I Use?

Braided fishing line works for dolphin fishing but we think you will be better off using monofilament fishing line when targeting dolphin fish (mahi).

What Monofilament Fishing Line Should I Use?

We recommend using 20-30Lb monofilament when fishing for dolphin (Mahi).

Spinning Reels: If you are using spinning reels you may want to spool them with 20-25Lb monofilament.  

Conventional Trolling Reels: With conventional reels for trolling you will want to use 30Lb monofilament.  If you are in an area where mahi are often caught above 30 Lbs, you may want to scale up to 50Lb monofilament for your trolling setups. 

Find Out How Much Monofilament Fishing Line You Need For Your Specific Reel Or Reels

What Monofilament Leader Material Should I Use?

30-50Lb leader material should do the trick for even the biggest bull dolphin. 

What Fluorocarbon Leader Material Should I Use?

30-50Lb fluorocarbon will do the trick here!

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