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We're Adding Wind-On Leaders To Our Product Line!

Author: Bullbuster Team

As part of our mission to help you spend more time fishing, and after many requests for them, we are proud to announce we will now be offering wind-on leaders. 

Everything You Need To Know About Wind-On Leaders

What Is A Wind-On Leader?

Wind-On Leaders

A wind on leader is a clever invention that helps anglers have a better handle on big fish as they come boatside.  Regular leaders will force you to stop reeling when the swivel reaches the tip of your rod leaving a longer length of line then necessary and make it extra complicated to handle your fish boatside. Our wind-on leaders come in 2 lengths (all purpose, and daytime swordfish).

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Wind-On Leader

  1. 1) Its Safer For Your Leader Man (or Leader Woman #GirlsWhoFish)
  2. 2) Better Handling Of Big Fish When Boatside
  3. 3) The Seamless Connection Of Your Wind-On Allows You Use Heavier Leader With Smaller Guides
  4. 4) You Don't Need Hollow Core For A Topshot
  5. 5) Save Time & Energy Rigging For Big Game Fishing

Different Applications For Wind-On Leaders

Wind-On Leaders For Trolling

Wind on leaders are excellent for trolling.  They allow you to handle big fish in close quarters with a small crew. Below are situations where wind-ons are perfect for trolling.

  • Trolling For Wahoo
  • Trolling For Billfish
  • Trolling With Small Reels & Heavy Braid

Wind On Leaders For Daytime Swordfishing

When you are daytime swordfishing you want to pack as much braid on your reel as possible. Our daytime swordfish wind-on gives you the perfect topshot to get rigged for daytime swordfishing in no time at all. 

Daytime Swordfish Wind-On Leader

How To Use A Swordfish Wind-On Leader

5 Reasons To Use A Wind-on Leader Instead Of A Mono Topshot

  1. 1) You Don't Need Expensive Hollow Core Or A Needle Kit
  2.   2) Its easy to attach 
  3. 3) You Can Standardize Your Reels 
  4. 4) They Save You Time 
  5. 5) They Provide A Cleaner Connection For Larger Mono 

 How To Connect Your Wind-On Leader To Your Mainline 

Coming Soon...