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When the Bullbuster Team purchased the domain for "Big Game Fishing The World"  we thought, there is no way that this could be true.  This was once a legends website. Well, it turned out to be true and today we have restored some of the works of legendary Capt. Norm Isaac's.  We take no credit for what you are about to read but instead insist on honoring a legend who helped shaped our sport. 


If you never watched this iconic fishing show growing up, watch the video below posted by " Paul Sige" to see what it was all about!

Trolling Tips From A Legend

When it comes to fishing, a lot of folks seem to think you just fasten a hook or two on the backside, fire 'em over the side, and drag them around until something happens. In my opinion, this approach robs the fisherman of a lot of the fun, the challenge, and a ton of the effectiveness of lure fishing. 

"The one thing we can all afford to pay is attention."

Granted, there are many times when you could throw your jockey shorts out there and if you got in front of the right fish, you would get a strike. There are other times when, no matter what your lures look like, the fish have lock-jaw and that's all there is to it. The other 90% of the time however, the difference could be - are the lures you're running, running right? 

The next question, quite naturally, is what's right? Right to us, or right to the fish? I've dragged lures that I thought looked and ran great. The fish didn't agree. A million miles later - not a tap. I've also been about to take a lure out of the pattern because it was so ugly, it didn't run right and I didn't want it out there to start with, but a customer or maybe my crewman talked me into it. But, before I could get to the reel to start cranking it in, it got slammed by a good fish. 

"the process of arriving at that right combination can put you in a rubber room if you're a little short of patience."

The fish is the only authority. Unfortunately, if a lure doesn't look "fishy" to us, it usually doesn't get pulled enough for the fish to pass their judgment. Most of us have been busting waves for a few years have a fairly specific idea of how we want a lure to look. That idea is generally based on what our experience tells us has worked in the past.

The one thing we can all afford to pay is attention. If you don't know what your lure was doing when it got hit, you won't know when you have duplicated the look and action the next time it goes out. Tuning lures is an important skill to develop. Just as a professional photographer doesn't just push the shutter button on his camera and hope for the best. He knows how to set up his camera for a particular shot to get exactly what he wants. We need to be able to rig our lures to get the exact look we want. Once in a while, I'll get a hold of a lure that runs lousy no matter what I do to it, but most lures can be tuned to a large degree. Sometimes it's as easy as wedging a toothpick in the hole in the back of the lure to cause the hook or hooks to stay I a certain position. Sometimes it's not that simple. 

Of the different things we do to change how a lure runs, I've listed a few:

lengthen or shorten the skirts

change a skirting material

go from a one hook rig to a double hook rig, or visa versa

pin the hook or hooks in various positions

run iron hooks instead of stainless, or visa versa

run hooks closer to the lure or farther back in the skirts

change hook sizes or shapes

use lighter or heavier leader material

Keep in mind, these are just some of the things that can be done to the lure rig. Some of the other factors are boat speed, sea conditions, location on the wave, rigger or flat lin, and distance from the boat that the lure will be set. As you can see, should a person decide to really get into it, there can be quite a number of options. The right combination can dramatically affect the results of your efforts with lures. Of course, going through the process of arriving at that right combination can put you in a rubber room if you're a little short of patience.

Tight Lines . . . . . Norm. 

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