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Trip To St. George Island

Author: Str8_Hookn

Landbased Shark Fishing St. George Island

Decided to take a trip to the panhandle and try my luck. Memorial day weekend  loaded up the family and put the gear in the back truck and off to St. George island we went. 

 We left kinda early being that it was 4.5 hr drive. Arrived early enough to beat the crowd and the wind. We able to deploy two baits with ease . The Duel 9/0 spooled with 150lb bullbuster mono and 130lb bullbuster braid had half a kingfish and the Makaira 80w which was spooled with the same way had a whole bonita. Didnt take long and the duel start to go and a decent rate and i ran over and grabbed the rod threw the drag in to strike leaned back "Fish On ".  My buddy Scot had came with my sister in law so i yelled for him to harness up. Just as he gets the harness out the bag the Makaira takes off. The reel is screaming so i tell him just come grab the Duel and i run to grab the Makaira. Just as i put my hands on the rod it stops. "Are u kidding me". 

 So the focus is now back on Scot who has never really done much saltwater fishing. I look over and he is struggling bad. 9.5 ft rod with the Duel and the aftco butt just tearing him up . I get the harness on him and with ease the fish is in the surf. 

 Now i have only caught one nurse shark in 20 plus years of shark fishing just so happens we drive 4.5 hours to catch number 2. 

By this time the wind has kicked up and the water is pretty choppy so we decided to chill and let the Makaira just soak. Hours go by and nothing. A few whiting 1 pompano and a handful of ladyfish were caught so it made waiting worth it. 

 Getting a little late and my family looking baked from the sun we decide to reel in. Leader comes up and nothing not even the head was left. 2 hook rig and what ever it was got away clean. Well at least we didnt get skunked. 

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