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Thursday Night Gigging / Friday Big Bull

Author: Team Reel Deal

Crunch Time!

Friday April 20th, 2018

The final day of our trip has come. This week went way to fast for team reel deal. We started out gigging Thursday night and wanted to fill the freezer up with rays. We got that job done that's for sure. We loaded all the shark fishing gear up and all the bait after we got back from gigging so all we had to do in the morning was get up and go. We left the house around 7am Friday morning and got to the beach. The spot we were at we had to walk almost a mile and I was the lucky one that got to drag the cooler to the spot. I found out that the walk to the spot really sucks with a full bait cooler. We got everything set up and got baits out and this day was very slow. It was dead almost the whole day I got bit off 2 times and we got a 2 hour nap. Just when I thought the day was gonna be a bust the 80 started singing. I was hooked up to this fat bull shark. Took about 15 min to get it to the beach and this bull was very green got the hook out and got a picture and the shark was let go safely to fight another day. Once again gotta thank bullbuster fishing lines what an awesome brand of line. If your looking for bulk fishing line head over to bullbuster.net and try it out and before checking out use promo code cjone to get 10% off your order. From us at team reel deal tight lines my friends. 

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