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Throwback To Our 2016 Pompano Beach Rodeo Win!

Author: L&H Sportfishing

Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo 2016

The Winning Crew

The Tournament

The Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo is a two day fishing tournament my family and I fish in mid / late May.  Fishing this tournament is a family tradition and both of my parents have been fishing it since they were kids. 

Day 1

"Slow Start, Strong Finish"

Meatfish Tournament Weigh In

This year we had a very eventful year and pressuring first day. We didn't catch a fish until 1:00 but still managed to come in 2nd place weighing 4 Tunas and 2 Mahis. 

Day 2

"In It For The Win!"

Pompano Beach Rodeo Weigh In

The start of day two, I had a huge kingfish jump on my long so I fed him my bait and when 20lb Bullbuster Mono melted off the reel once again! 

Smoker Kingfish

You are only able to weigh 4 of each species, so by 8 am we had all the fish we could weigh with four chunky kingfish and tunas. One king looked like it was pretty big.  We all guessed at the weights. 

47Lb Kingfish

We took our fish in at lines out and the huge kingfish came out to be 40lbs! Holding the place of the biggest fish caught out of the entire tournament.

We took home first place, Top female angler, Top angler, Top junior angler, Top small-fry angler, Biggest fish caught, Biggest kingfish caught and Biggest tuna caught. 

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