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Throw Back To An Awesome Show!

Author: Bullbuster Team

Before The Ocearch There Was...

If you haven't seen this show you now can.   If you did, here is to bringing back all of the memories.  This team now works on Shark Research aboard the Ocearch, but we sure do miss their old show Offshore Adventures where they traveled the world caught fish, and enjoyed good food! 

We have included some of the best episodes below: 

Marlin & Snook Combo

In this episode Chris Fischer and Cpt. Brett crossed over from Costa Rica to Panama to catch big Marlin off of Hanibal Bank and some snook on the zodiac.  One cool thing about this show is they always featured a chef who cooked their catch. In this episode Chris Fischer and their chef David Olson get to make it into market to taste some local fruits. 

Great footage of the Go Fisch and a big Black Marlin doing its thing!

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