Bullbuster In Action:

"Think Like A Shark"

Author: #TeamDorsal

We hit the sand around 5pm that day. The wind blowing south made chop but not bad and just enough movement to stir the water up. Clarity was murky exactly how a big predator likes it to be. These are the conditions we look for when catching massive fish. To catch these smart creatures you have to think like a shark. We brought 3 reels that night. A Everol 18/0 & Everol 14/0 both spooled with 200lb braid. A short drop combo Penn Squall 50vsw on a 5'6 uglystick 50-130 spooled with 120lb braid. We ran out all cowray that night large cuts on the Everols we dropped 800+ yards out. With the Penn Squall short drop combo I was using half wing cuts for smaller sharks just past the first sandbar. As the night grew dark we got a quick burst on the 18/0 about 20 yards then dropped fast. We let it sit for about 5 minutes with no action. I knew what happened he stole my bait. Started reeling in the 18/0 to check it and about 5 minutes in out the corner of my eye I looked at the Penn Squall 50vsw combo. I knew what ever got the bait off this 18/0 was big and I got a gut feeling something was about to happen. I looked at the Penn Squall and said to it "Please don't do it I know that's a big one and you ain't for that" well ..... you know I talked it into existence. That small combo started rolling slow ,,,,, we let it go for about 20 seconds then set the strike. The rod bent in half and started ripping line off. Our bullbuster 1000lb leader worked great with 900lb cable and a 20/0 circle hook. It took 45 minutes to reel it in, a beautiful tiger shark. Safely released to grow & reproduce. 

⚠️ Disclaimer: shark fishing is a dangerous sport which requires special permits and training to properly handle them. 

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