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The River Of Giants – The Jurubaxi

Author: ScottRoseFishing

Fishing In The Amazon For BIG Peacocks

"9 fish cleared the 20Lb marker, 39 cleared 15, and another 4-dozen hit double digits."

I just returned from my third expedition to the Amazon, and this was the best one yet.  I was able to experience a river that will only be fished exclusively by our operation for the next 4 years – the Jurubaxi.

This is a tributary of the Rio Negro, which is the primary tributary for the Amazon River.  Comparatively, it is a small river, but at 240 miles of untouched wilderness, it is an unfathomable amount of space for just 4 18 foot jon-boats to cover.  Across all of the river is monsters of fantastic proportions – peacocks 25 pounds and bigger exist here, as we have caught a fish at 25 pounds in each of our last two expeditions here.  The general consensus is that the next world record is going to come from this river.  After what I saw this past week, I believe it.

Fishing For Peacock Bass In The Amazon

Besides the peacocks, there are piraiba over 200Lb, red-tail catfish over 80Lb, and Tiger Shovelnose Catfish over 25Lb as well.  That isn’t even beginning to discuss the piranha, arowana, wolf fish, jacunda, bicuda, pacu, and all the other varieties of exotic Amazonian fish and wildlife around. For me, it’s a playground of exotics.  I have more fun switching species down there than I do chasing big fish sometimes!

This past week we brought in 15 anglers, which will not be the norm for future trips.  Despite the extra anglers, everyone crushed.  9 fish cleared the 20Lb marker, 39 cleared 15, and another 4-dozen hit double digits.  It was phenomenal fishing to say the least, and everyone is excited to start fishing the river regularly.

Amazon Peacock Bass

I caught my big fish on choppers, giant top-water baits that send off huge explosions of water on every movement of the bait.  That action proved irresistible, as I landed a 20Lb, 18Lb, and a 14Lb peacock on them. Everyone else on the boat had similar results.

In terms of terminal tackle, heavy and quality line was super essential.  Dealing with so much heavy structure and snags, you need line you can trust. 65Lb Bullbuster braid did the trick for me, and I would definitely use it again on my next trip down.  I opted for the moss green color for a little bit less of a visual appearance in the water.

Guided Trips On The Amazon River

If you want to come down on this unbelievable trip of a lifetime, shoot me an email at scottsfishtails@gmail.com– I would be happy to bring you on the next one.

Tight lines!

Capt Scott

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