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The Most Hardcore Shark Fishing Tournament In Florida Is Back!

Author: Bullbuster Team

The president of the South Florida Shark Club and Founder of the Big Hammer Challenge just announced the tournament is back on Shark Fishing World Wide!

Hardcore Landbased Shark Fishing At Its Best

This tournament is not for the weak. It is 30 days straight of hardcore shark fishing.  The tournament has raised some of the top shark fishermen in Florida.  Some of the biggest sharks ever caught in Florida have been caught during this shark tournament.  After a year sabatical William is back at it!  

Past Catches:

This West Coast family team won the Big Hammer Challenge back to back years with monsterous hammers. Photo courtesy of the South Florida Shark Club
Notorious shark fishing team Dirty South Sharkers land a big hammer during the big hammer challenge. (Bullbuster Ambassador William Centrone pictured left). Photo courtesy of the South Florida Shark Club
The whole tournament awaits reports from #bullbusterambassador Team True Blue. When they post something it is sure to rock the score board. 

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