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The Galapagos Islands Helped Form Bullbuster

Author: Bullbuster Team

Why It Is So Important For You To Fish

Fishing is a great sport it brings us together, it clears our minds, it fosters a sense of competition, it can be an adrenaline rush, or it can be a meditation.  Fishing is a culture, fishing is an addiction.  Fishing is a way of life.  For us that have the addiction we find our happiness is at its peak when we are fishing.

 My name is Colby, and I am the founder of Bullbuster Brand Direct, Inc.  I want to share an adventure and with you that has become engraved in my life and I hope to get back to some day. 

" The enchanted islands were given that name for a reason, they are a place where nature and humans collide to slow down time itself."

 After several years of working on Bullbuster I have realized that helping people spend more time fishing is the most important part of what I do every day. 

The adventure I had in the Galapagos Islands in 2010 helped me form a set of ideas that  have not only shaped my life but have helped me to create Bullbuster has a allowed our team to help over 1 million anglers spend more time fishing since 2010.

Galapgos Fishing
100 miles offshore the island of San Cristobal at Banco Rosa trolling for marlin.

Several years ago while studying Marine Biology I took a journey that would forever change my life.  I traveled with a group of 12 students to the Galapagos to "study" marine biology, while I learned a lot about the ocean currents and the wildlife around me, my ultimate  goal was to catch as many fish as possible, and for 3 1/2 months that is exactly what I did.   

From January to mid April, I lived on a small island called Isabella, and island that will be forever imprinted in my memory.  While we took classes during the week, the best part of my week was always fishing with my host father.  A local fisherman who supplied the local restaurants with fresh lobster, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and pargo. The enchanted islands were given that name for a reason, they are a place where nature and humans collide to slow down time.

Isabella Galapagos
Festivities after the local Isabella fishing tournament.

While many people know of the Galapagos Islands as a untouched land where evolution first occurred.  I know of it as a place with a vibrant culture with roots in commercial fishing and farming that has become a wonder of the world. A people who face hardship and endure and are probably happier than most people you know.

In recent years tourism has been a booming industry for the locals of the Galapagos Islands.  Locals send their children to mainland Ecuador to study tourism, learn marketing, and become professionals in fields such as Scuba Diving, or Biology in order to give tours. The people of the island have formed business organizations which they have blocked many international businesses from entering the Island.  What you have as a result is an island where time is significantly slower.  

That is not to say there are not tragedies that occur there from the lack of infrastructure or safety equipment for divers.  The water is often contaminated and the  locals and tourists alike often find themselves in the bathroom for longer than one might like. 

With all of the tourism that is created for tours to see birds, and iguanas, many fisherman convert their life styles to eco-tour guides taking people snorkeling, biking etc.  There are still a few who have held true to themselves and are forging a path in this new landscape.  It was with these fishermen that I spent most of my time. 

Galapagos Fishing
My host brother Jonathan and I with some yellowfin tuna caught on either a handline or my TLD 30 to feed tourists at the local restaurants.

My host dad Manuco at a whopping 5'4'' was power house who was FULL of life. His whole family were entrepreneurs by trade.  Him and his wife had built a hotel along the beach where him, his wife, his three kids and his daughters newborn child lived in one room.  They rented the other 12 rooms out to tourists.  His wife was the head of a business organization that made and sold Galapagos themed stuffed animals to all of the tourist shops, they also had a local supply of hygiene supplies which locals stopped into purchase.  

In the mornings, Manuco and Jonathan (his oldest son) would play a Galapagos version of checkers.  Manuco had been playing for years, but Jonathan was the true checkers king of the house. After several months I was able to beat Manuco once however I believe it would have taken me a few years to outwit Jonathan in the game which he had mastered.  In the afternoons Manuco would go fishing with Jonathan to supply the local restaurants with fish for the tourists.  On the weekends this is where I would be. 

Fishing Galagpagos
A haul of yellowfin tuna headed for the restaurants.

Most of the fishing fleet in Puerto Villamil (Isabella) is made up of small pangas.  These pangas are part of a commercial fishing fleet which takes week long trips around the island followed by a mothership.  Many of the operators of the Panga's are looking to make more money for themselves and their families by taking out tourists snorkeling or for the one's  I got to know taking anglers out fishing which for most is only a part time gig at best.

We live in a time of technology where many of us spend so much of our time in front of a computer screen that we forget something that is in our blood.  We were once hunters and gatherers and that part of us is still alive and well, it just needs to be re-awakened every once in a while. When it awakens our blood starts flowing and our vision of our future becomes so much clearer. Only salt water, the hot sun on our backs, and a drag screaming can bring that feeling to life. 

Many of us know the story of the Harvard Business School graduate and the small town fishermen.   It is a story which redefines success. If you are reading this you have the sickness, the addiction to fishing.  Use it as your strength as you go out into your daily life because you have a place of zen.  A place to rebalance consider yourself very lucky. 

 I'm not telling you to drop everything in your life and go fishing every single day but I am telling you to make commitments to yourself because YOU are so worth it.  Make small commitments every week to take the time to get yourself out on the water. To get yourself to a place where your inner animal comes out, where you feel alive, where your blood is pumping.  Where you find your center. 

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