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The Epic Harvest Moon BluefinTuna On Spinners

Author: The Tree Guy

Catching Big Tuna On Artificials During The Harvest Moon

New England Tuna Fishing

Every Fall in New England we are treated with some of the best Bluefin Tuna fishing in the world. The biggest indicator of Fall for us this season was the Harvest moon. Prior to the moon the Bluefin Tuna bite was absolutely off the chart. All of the fish we have been targeting have been chased with light tackle spinning gear. Topwater plugs, subsurface lures, and jigs have been the key to getting a fish. Our top producing lures have been the 10” original Ronz and the Strategic Angler floating Espada and the Nautilus. Both of these lures have been tied to 60lb or 80lb Bullbuster Fluorocarbon by a Palomar knot which is connected to Bullbuster 65lb or 80l hollow core braid by the “FG Knot”.

Ronz Compared To Natural Bait

We have fished eight times in the past two weeks and every trip we have managed at least one fish! On October 12th I ran out to Stellwagen Bank with Jack Sprengel from ECC with a small charter on Jacks Birthday. Before the sun was even up we were blessed by an enormous school of 50”-70” Bluefin which stayed up for some time. As Jack lead the school the charter got off their casts, one guy came tight on the bow when he let the 10” White Ronz sink. Jack who was on the back of the boat got smoked boat side on a Blue Mac Floating Espada. Both fish started to cross so we repositioned the boat so they went opposite directions. After about ten minutes the fish on the Espada pulled the hook as it made a fast run on top, the fish on the Ronz stayed hooked and we had it onboard before the sun even came up! After 30 more minutes of seeing zero signs of fish we started to push East. After 45 minutes we set up on a feed and got a single hook up on the 10” silver Ronz. On the first big run the fish broke himself free and pulled the hook. Five minutes later we doubled again! Both fish on the 10” Ronz and 60lb Bullbuster fluorocarbon. After successfully landing both fish we released one and the other was our under fish for the day. With plenty of meat coming back the crew decided they wanted to go back because they had a long ride home!

Tuna Fishing

The last few weeks up North have been nothing short of spectacular for Bluefin Tuna fishing. With the Fall full moon the fish have really put the chow on and they are loading up on Halfbeaks (And Ronz and Espadas haha). Every fish has been taken by a Shimano Stella 18000 or 20000 paired with 80lb Bullbuster braid tied to 80b Fluorocarbon fishing line. The lighter setups that have been doing damage on the picky fish is the Shimano Twin Power 14000 spooled with 65lb Bullbuster braid tied to 60lb Bullbuster Fluorocarbon!

All photos were taken or edited by Jack Sprengel 

Tuna Fishing For Bluefins

Bluefin Tunas On Spinning Rods & Artificial Lures:

This video below is from another trip, but it goes to show you how awesome it is to catch big tuna on spinning gear!

Also check out this video of us catching a white marlin super inshore while fishing for stripers!

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