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The Damage Of Light Fluorocarbon

Author: Tiger Chu

Scale Down To Light Fluorocarbon To Get More Bites From Pier Snook

On the piers in South Florida, the general rule of thumb is to get away with the lightest lead you can throw while still sticking to bottom, and the heaviest leader you can throw while still getting bites. However, sometimes that means stepping down to light capacities of fluorocarbon to fool these fish. 

Beach Snook Fishing

These last two weeks have been an influx of snook at piers all along the east coast, and the 40lb. fluorocarbon has been superior to me. At a low diameter, these fish are fooled easily and I can stand next to other anglers and hook up while they wonder what I'm doing differently. After having fished bullbuster fluorocarbon for a prolonged period of time, I can speak highly of it's abrasion resistance, and how few snook have successfully frayed me off. In addition to this, snook are known to run straight for the pylons, and will use the structure as means for escape. However, I have horsed fish out multiple times using this fluorocarbon and have had very few failures. 

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Pier Snook Fishing

This line holds up unbelievably well against sharp object and occasionally run into issues trying to cut it with scissors. The thin diameter allows me to hook more fish, and the strength allows me to land these fish despite me fishing a whole class below the other anglers on the pier. 

Bridge Snook Fishing

Snook have extremely abrasive mouths and have been know to chew through even 80-100lb. fluorocarbon. For the size of the fish, this is ridiculous sounding, but I have witnessed it first hand. For the amount of success I have had with only the 40lb. class line, image the durability of both 60lb. and 80lb. fluoro which I will be testing out in the months to come. As an avid snook fisherman, I am highly impressed by this line. These are a collection of snook recently caught all using bullbuster 40lb. fluorocarbon

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