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"That Sunset, That Girl, That Fish"

Author: #TeamDorsal

  My wife has grown to enjoy shark fishing a lot. I would say she is almost as obsessed with the sport as I am. She enjoys the strength they have and the moment in time spent with them. I love watching her reel in a shark with determination and adrenaline. This was her first spinner shark she has ever caught. Picture perfect at the right time and the right place. Our buddy Matt invited us to come hang out with him on the beach. He had already ran out a couple reels and was looking for a big one. When his tiagra 130 took off he let it eat for about 30 seconds then set the hook. Once he came to the conclusion that it wasn't the shark he was after he handed the rod off. We knew it wasn't a monster so we let my wife get in on the action. Leaving the reel in high speed made it a little more difficult for her so it was more of a challenge. She enjoyed every second of it and when the shark finally reached the shore she was thrilled. Her first spinner shark and a good size one at that. We were going to keep it as spinner can be good eating if prepped correctly. We let her make that call and after a quick picture she decided to let it go. Lucky fish, I was going to make a jaw mount for her but she said the picture was more then enough. Her heart for the animals amazed me as most would be quick to sharpen their knives. So gentlemen I encourage you to take your wife/girlfriend out fishing. They might end up liking it more then you ever expected. Which is good for you because they will in return encourage you to get out there and spend more time on the water. Without our #Bullbuster 200lb mono topshot none of these fish would be possible. So get you a reel and spool it up with the best stuff the market has to offer. Good luck and tight lines. #TeamDorsal  

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