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Test Drive On 270Z Sea Vee Bay Boat

Author: Bullbuster Team

We were lucky enough to test drive the only used 270Z Sea Vee Bay boat on the market last week and we were impressed to say the least.  We want to thank Offerdahl + Chapman Yacht Brokers for showing us this amazing bay boat. 

A Bay Boat With A Tower

Best Bay Boat With A Tower

Once you fish the back country mangrove channels from the tower on this boat it will be hard to go back.  Talk about sight casting to schools of fish right on the edge of the mangroves that you would have never known were there.  

Most Storage We Have Ever Seen On A Bay Boat!


Sea Vee 270Z Bay Boat

The first thing we noticed when we boarded her was the amount of storage.  There is storage everywhere.  The bow has two rod lockers the console has plenty of storage underneath it, and the bow has just a ton of storage in multiple hatches.  This is a boat you would have no problem hauling a bunch of camping gear, food, and fishing equipment way back into the everglades with.  

Bay Boats Like This AreTo Fish Offshore & Inshore

Kite Fishing From  A Bay Boat

What we liked most about the boat overall, is that it is ready to fish pretty much anywhere.  You can be ready to go in a moments notice to go kite fishing the edge or trailer her down to the everglades to take her deep into the back country to chase some silver kings. 

Other Cool Features

Bay Boat You Can Take Offshore

Two Live Wells -  This is perfect for a split day between offshore and inshore.  For example you can fill the front well up with shrimp and crabs while the back well is teaming with goggle eyes and threadfin (Check out our article on bridling live baits).  

Jack Plate For The Engine -   This is a BIG bay boat, but it still can get into some really skinny water.  In these situations, the jack plate for your engine is your best friend. 

Two GPS/Fishfinders - There are two GPS/Fishfinders, one big screen on the center console for easy navigation and great split screen action. There is also one up on the tower.  We couldn't help thinking the whole time that this boat is great for solo outings. 

Plenty Of Rod Holders -  This boat has plenty of rod holders pre-installed on it (If you are a serious fisherman we know you will always add a few more to any boat you buy to fit your style of fishing) , but this boat has a ton to start with.  There are  a number of rod holders on each side of the console, as well as a number of rocket launchers up and down the tower, not to mention several rod holders at the stern of the boat ready for any trolling or kite fishing you plan to do. 

Types Of Fishing This Boat Would Be Suited For

Sea Vee 270Z (Step hulled bay boat)

Cobia Fishing - The tower makes this boat perfect for searching out rays and slaying cobia!  

Check out the video below of #BullbusterAmbassador Team Swordacrazy using a bay boat with a tower to slay cobia!

Tarpon Fishing- This boat would be awesome for finding schools of daisy chaining tarpon or running way back in to the everglades and camping white water bay (since it has so much storage.  Check out one of our favorite videos on tarpon fishing the everglades and general back country fishing below. Its an awesome video posted by "Wild Instinct Outdoors"

Kite Fishing The Edge On Calmer Days -  You can make out in some sporty conditions in this boat, but we think you would be most comfortable in 2-3 foot seas.   On super calm days the tower can come in handy looking for sailfish, the video below shows fishing personality Peter Miller sight casting to a sail from a bay boat with a tower. 

Summer Fishing Offshore In South Florida - This  boat would be amazing for going mahi fishing on the calmer days of the summer.  Its much easier to catch more mahi when you have eyes in the tower looking for weedlines and floating debri. 

Keys Back Country Fishing  -  We test drove this boat in the Florida Keys so we can attest it will be great for fishing mangrove channels throughout the keys. 

We hoped you enjoyed this article on the 270Z seavee, we hope that all of our articles help you spend more time fishing, whether thats through inspiration, lessons learned, DIY projects, or fishing reports.  Another way you can spend more time fishing is by buying your fishing line directly from our factory and cutting out the middle man!