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Team Reel Dreams 2nd Place In Our SKA Class At The Saltwater Slam

Author: Mike Milewski

As always I would like to thank Bullbuster for making the best line in the industry. Our SKA team relies on having the best quality line, leader, and terminal tackle to ensure our potential tournament winning king lands in the box.

We/Team Reel Dreams fished our first 2018 SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) tournament within the Saltwater Slam event last weekend. We ended up taking 2nd place in our SKA class (Division 10/Small Boat Class).

The saltwater Slam is an event that is based out of Hillsboro inlet, FL which is about 18 miles south of our dock. Since there was a mandatory 6:30am visual checkout our day started at 3:00am. We cleared the inlet at 5:00am and was headed south to pick up some live gogs, check out, and wait for the 7:00am Bimini start. 7:00am comes and we are headed north to our first spot. We got to our numbers and starting putting the spread out and zing!!! We are on !! for the next 2 hours it was one after another of snake kings and a 25lb Jack. We had a number of Kings come to the boat half eaten and even our wire leader cut in half. Needless to say we truly enjoyed all the bent rods, but we needed to a get a smoker!

We picked up and more north another spot. Set up a few drifts and landed a few more snake kings. About 11am the bite shut down and we move from spot to spot with no action. Around 2:45 we picked up and made a run to the south to get closer Hillsboro with the hopes of landing a nice king.

We got to our spot set the spread and we were back on!!! First fish was a  great African Pompano that was just shy of 30lbs! Great fight and our 25lm bullbuster mono got the job done. We proceeded to get the spread back out and got back to back barracudas.

At 3:40 our last bait gets crushed!! This was the one we were looking for. Ten minutes later we had our King in the box and we were headed south to weigh in! It was a great day of tournament fishing and can’t wait until the next tournament.

Thanks again to Bullbuster for helping Team Reel Dreams take 2nd place in our SKA Class!       

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