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TCBA Fishing Tournament Report

Author: Mike Milewski

TCBA Memorial Day Tournament

We decided to fish the TCBA Memorial Day tournament last weekend out of Stuart FL. We knew it was going to be an early morning with a 6:15am mandatory visual checkout. With rough sea conditions and 20+mph east wind on Thursday and Friday we needed to move the boat up to Stuart to Sailfish marina on Friday night. Unfortunately with seas up to 8ft we had to take the scenic route up the ICW for 50miles. It was nice, relaxing, and did allow me to figure out a game plan for the next day.

The wind was scheduled to slightly improve by the morning. The forecast called for 15-20mph winds out of the east and 4-6ft sea condition at 3 second intervals. It was going to be SPORTY!!! But fishable. I decided based on the condition, most of the fleet would not consider running 20+ miles to some of more productive kingfish grounds. I was 100% correct. We made it to our first spot and we were the only boat there.

We deployed the long line and just set our first down bait when the long line reel starts screaming!!! WE ARE ON!!!! Spun the boat and chased down our first smoker of the day and off he went to the box.

Reset again, and ZING!!! Back on!! And this was the one we were looking for! 250+ yards of bullbuster (30lb momo-blue) line gone on his first run. We turned quick on this fish and it was give and take on 2 more screaming runs. Then……gone!!! Definitely not happy loosing that fish, but we went back and reset. Once again, we could not get a full spread out and the reel goes off. However this was a smaller fish. Lady Angler Cindy starts working this King. Then…. We watch a dolphin eat our Kingfish and just the Kingfish head was left.

As the day moves on we keep working the same area which produced a nice Sailfish, another King and a almost 18lb dolphin.

At this point it was time to head to the scales and see if our fish would hold up against the 97 boat fleet. The end results were a 5###sup/sup### and 6###sup/sup### place Kingfish, 2nd place Lady Angler (Dolphin) and a Sailfish Release award.

It truly was a great day!! We all worked hard and battled some sporty conditions!

Thanks as always to Bullbuster for supporting Team Reel Dreams! We truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication producing the best quality of products to help us accomplish our goals!

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