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Tarpon Season Awaits!

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Florida West Coast Tarpon Season

Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon Season Awaits!

With the soon approaching Tarpon migration here in Florida, we felt now is a good time to post a video we made a few months ago when we were fortunate enough to find a school of Tarpon right off the beach here in Fort Myers, FL. It just shows you how having the right gear with you at all times will eventually pay off... always bring those bigger rods, you never know when you'll see some larger fish.

Tackle Matters

What helped us land these massive fish, was the use of good quality tackle. We used 5/0 Owner Super Mutu Circle hooks (small but extremely strong) and Bullbuster Fluorocarbon. An interesting note about the Fluorocarbon; as we started our day, we were using 80lb fluorocarbon, but as the day progressed and the overcast sky turned to clear, we stopped getting bites until we dropped to 50lb leader. When you scale down for tarpon you tend to get more bites, but as you get lower in LB tests you start to get a trade off between the bites and the abrasion resistance. 

Bait For Tarpon

Our bait of choice was a live pinfish under a float, which seemed to work best as a few of the boats around us were throwing out other baits like pilchards and crabs but weren't hooking up as often as us.

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