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Targeting Tiger Sharks From Land

Author: Bullbuster Team

Shark Profile: The Tiger Shark

#BullbusterAmbassdor Joey Polk & team mate Will from Team True Blue pose with the ILFSA record tiger

General Description:

Tigersharks are one of the most sought after and rarest land-based shark fishing targets.  These fish are literally not scared of a thing and their whole demeanor reflects it.  If you are targeting tiger sharks beef up everything when it comes to your tackle.

Identifying Factor:

These sharks are not hard to ID, like a tiger they have large stripes and their face is a lot squarer than most sharks.  Their teeth have a unique shaped made to tear through pretty much anything.  For this shark you want to use single strand wire because it is a lot harder than cable.

Max Size:

15 +ft

Tackle Required:


Big game reels (14/0 Penn Senators, 80-130 wide Lever Drag Reels)

Fishing Line:

125Lb -300Lb monofilament top shot with 130-200Lb braided backing.


12/0-24/0 size circle hooks  (See Choosing Shark Hooks

Shark Rig Materials:

3-4 feet of 19 wire with 20 feet of 600-1000Lb grander leader material

Fight Style:

Like we mentioned earlier, these fish really are not scared of a thing and their fight style reflects it. They are strong when they want to be, but will sometimes swim as if they don’t even know they are hooked.  They may come all the way in toward the beach and then head 400-500 yards offshore.  They usually swim slowly and deliberately.

Important Tips For Release:

Since tiger sharks are not scared of much they don’t stress themselves out too much.  Take your pictures, but get this shark in the water as soon as you can.  (Find Out How To Prevent Shark Fatalities)

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