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Targeting Bullsharks From Land

Author: Bullbuster Team

Shark Profile: The Bull Shark

#BullbusterAmbassador Jesus from Team Ninja sharkers poses with a fat Bull!

General Description:

The Bull shark is a powerful and aggressive shark. If you want to target a bullshark specifically, put out the biggest bait you can find.  The Bull shark will have no problem picking up a 50 Lb amberjack that you put out whole. When you are hooked up, HOLD ON!  These sharks have some torque!  They are great fighters.  

One cool thing about targeting these sharks is that they are very prevalent in back waters and even rivers.  Some bull sharks have even been known to venture their way well up the Mississipi river.

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Identifying Factor:

Smaller bull sharks can be distinguished from lemon sharks by their single dorsal fin.  While larger bull sharks can be identified by their single dorsal fin, as well as well rounded  body.

Max Size:  

10+ Feet

Tackle Required:

For best results use a conventional lever drag reel with at least 125LB test monofilament.  Bullsharks can be landed with lighter mono and star drag reels like Penn Senators, however the fight is usually extended which greatly reduces these sharks chance of survival.

A battle with a 400+Lb bull shark on a Penn Senator can be up to an hour, while that same fish can be landed in 20-30 minutes using a 2 speed 80 wide size lever drag reel with mono.


12/0-24/0 size circle hooks  (See Choosing Shark Hooks

Shark Rig Materials:

3-4 feet of 19 wire with 10-12 feet of 500-600Lb grander leader material

Fight Style:

Bull Sharks are full of torque!  They are strong fighters will a lot of pulling power, they are not super fast like the blacktip shark, but instead tend to take steady and powerful runs!  If you can turn their head the battle has turned to your advantage.

Important Tips For Release:

Like with most sharks it is important to release a bullshark as soon as possible. In the spring months, if you see a bulging in a bull shark’s  belly, she may be pregnant.  If this is the case, keep your bull shark in the water to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the pups. (Find Out How To Prevent Shark Fatalities)

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