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Surprise Blackfin Tuna And Big Mangrove Snapper

Author: Chase Smith

Friday Fishing for Kingfish, Came home with Tuna.


Went out 20 miles offshore last Friday for some kingfish and night time snapper/grouper fishing. We were in about 70 feet of water, skies were completely clear all day and night with 10 knot winds out of the Northeast. We put out two rods on the kite rigged with big live pinfish, two larger setups on the bottom for grouper with live pinfish and two rods down with jumbo shrimp for mangrove snapper. It was a very slow day with no runs for over two hours on the kite rods and only a couple snapper on the light setups. As soon as the sun started setting one of the kite rods started screaming and we caught a 31" blackfin tuna.  We were 14 miles from shore on a nice wreck that we've done well on in the past, seas were pretty calm and the weather was perfect. Line of choice for the day was BullBuster 40 lb braid and 30 lb fluorocarbon leader. It was 4:30 pm and we hadn't had any action in about an hour when al of a sudden one of the kite rods starts screaming out 100 mph. I reeled up the grouper rods and hooked up to a fish that I assumed was a very large kingfish. After a 10 minute fight I got it boatside, gaffed it and freaked out when I realized it wasn't a Bonita. As soon as the sun went down the snapper bit earlier turned on immediately. After hooking into multiple big grouper and losing them in the structure we managed to catch 18 snapper between two people all over 17 inches (biggest being 22"). BullBuster products put in work today.

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