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Surface Iron Vs. Stickbait For California Yellowtail

Author: Colby Uva

Kevin Nakada's Talk At The Fred Hall Del Mar Show

                          (San Diego)

As someone who is new to Southern California fishing (coming from Miami on the East Coast).  The whole idea of the surface iron is completely new to me.  Over here people usually scoff at the idea of using a spinning reel.  Fishermen in SOCAL have perfected casting conventional reels and can make impressive casts without backlashing.

  To fish a surface iron (pictured below) you want to be using a conventional reel because of the consistency of the way the line comes onto the reel, allowing the surface iron to move in the water as it should. 

California Surface Irons

While I will definitely be learning more about this technique it was refreshing to see someone on this coast with a spinning reel. Kevin is has been using spinning reels with great success especially when using a stickbait.  This reminds me of our ambassador The Tree Guy who often uses stickbaits and spinning tackle to land big bluefin tuna very successfully.

How West Coasters Cast Conventional Reels

If you are from the West Coast you probably know a lot about casting conventional reels, but for those back on the East Coast, I thought this video by local skipper and tuna fishing legend Frank Lo Preste would give you a good idea about how people on the west coast cast with conventional reels so successfully.  *Note Frank recommends practicing at home before heading out on the trip and that it is important to have wet line to practice.

Why A Stickbait May Illicit More Strikes From California Yellowtail 

Below Kevin Nakada a well known kayak fishing anglers based in San Diego explains how a stickbait can help you cover different water levels more easily than a surface iron. 

Motion Of A Stickbait In The Water 

Kevin describes the motion of a stickbait in the water. 

Motion For Working A Stickbait 

In the video below Kevin talks about the motion of your rod for working a stickbait for California Yellowtail. 

Ideal Rod Length For Working A Stickbait

In this video Kevin Nakada talks about what the ideal rod length is for a casting and working a stickbait.  He explains the problems with having a rod that is too short or a rod that is too long. 

Why A Spinning Reel Is A Good Investment

Kevin talks about how versatile a spinning reel can be in your arsenal. 

Learn About How The Tree Guy Catches Bluefin Tuna With Stickbaits & Spinning Gear

(Bluefin On Spinning Gear)Bluefin On Spinning Gear

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