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Surf Fishing In Southern California

Author: Colby Uva

Bill Varney's Presentation On California Surf Fishing At Fred Hall Del Mar 

(San Diego)

Bill Varney runs a website FishTheSurf.com which is a pretty comprehensive California surf fishing website.  It includes tips from Bill and a forum that covers just about everything you need to know about surf fishing.  I was able to attend Bill's talk at the Fred Hall Del Mar show. Below are a few insights from Bill. 

Big Fish Got Big For A Reason

According to Bill, fish like corvina who can grow pretty old, also grow wise.  If you are targeting big fish, the smallest details can matter. 

Your Fishing Weights Color Can Make A Difference

According to Bill, using a shiny egg sinker can prevent big fish from eating your bait.  In the video below, he talks about why you don't want to use a shiny lead for surf fishing. 

In the video below Bill explains how to dull the color of your lead to catch more and bigger fish in the surf. 

Choosing The Color Of Your Rigging Beads For Surf Fishing

Bill uses different color beads for different seasons.  The bead is mainly to cushion the pounding of the fishing lead against the knot on the light monofilament line

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