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Summer Night Fishing In Ft. Lauderdale

Author: Reel Smooth Fishing Team

Summer Fishing In Fort Lauderdale From Land

I decided to take a quick trip to one of my favorite spots in Fort Lauderdale as this would be one of my last times fishing for the summer before I had to head across the country. It has been a slow summer for me in terms of nothing too special being caught, so I wanted to change that. I rigged up the Stradic setup with a Gulp and the Saragosa 10k with a 2+ oz Sebile lure that has yet to be tried in hopes of a tarpon or huge snook, both spooled with Bullbuster braid, 20 lb and 65 lb respectively. The tide was very low and it wasn’t dark out yet, so my hopes weren’t set too high. I was alternating which rod I was using. Ten minutes into fishing, I take a cast with the Stradic, and I feel that notorious light tap, followed by a nice smooth run and a thrash on the surface. Reeled him in, took a quick picture, and tried to revive him, but I guess he was still very green and chomped on my thumb to leave a nice little mark and tell me he was ready to go. 

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Ft. Lauderdale Snook Fishing

I saw a couple splashes out deep so I took the Saragosa to where the spot I was fishing gets deepest. Two casts in and something slams the lure, shoves the rod butt right into my chest from the force of the run, screams for 5 seconds while skimming through the top of the water, and he’s off. My guess would be Tarpon or very big Cuda from the way he darted through the water, but we’ll never know. It’s getting dark and I need to get back for dinner, so I decide to take my last cast with the Stradic. Good thing I did. I was reeling and suddenly felt dead weight. I thought it was the ugly looking stargazer that tends to grab your bait and bury itself in the sand, but it started running. Ended up reeling in a little snook, and there was no better way to end the day. I might not have gotten my trophy fish, but two snook on artificials in an hour of fishing always makes me happy.

Beach Snook Fishing In Ft. Lauderdale

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