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Striper Mayhem In Connecticut!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Fishing For Stripers From Shore In Connecticut 

This past fall, my buddy Alec landed an internship up in Hartford, CT. He got the chance to fish in his free time and experienced an epic Striper fishery in the Long Island sound. He told my buddy Ryan and I we had to come up and see it for ourselves. 

Needless to say, that same weekend we headed to the NE in pursuit of one of the most highly sought after fish on the Eastern seaboard

Striped Bass, are king in the NE and us Florida boys were ready to tango. 

Below is a video of the beginning of my striper addiction: 

Fishing for Stripers was nothing like I had done in Florida. These fish were highly migratory, never stayed in one spot long and could be captured on every bait you imagined. They are one of the few saltwater species that you could target on artificial during the heat of the day. It amazed me at how aggressive these fish were, often striking lures almost as large as them. Seeing them blowup a popper in bright daylight is nothing short of Epic.

Below We Try Out Eeels For Striped Bass:

We talked to a lot of locals and they told us that the BIG Bass were almost always taken at night using live eels. Off to the first bait shop that offered eels we went. I had never thought I would be using live eels as bait in my life, so simply seeing and hooking these baits was a unique experience. We went to a remote spot on the long island sound and casted our eels into the distance from shore and within 15 minutes, we were on! We caught around 5 fish that night up to 15lbs all on live eels. Very interesting fishery and one that I want to return to. 

Below You Will See The Dangers Of Jetty Fishing On A Rising Tide:

The rest of the trip was spent spot hopping in pursuit of COWS. We needed up catching a good mess of fish with the biggest in the 15lb range, no monsters but its alway nice to explore a new fishery. Especially one that is so involved and is predominately artificial in nature. Above I have attached the videos from my adventure in the Land of stripers. 

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