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Story Time About My Favorite Lures

Author: Jianni Hitchman

The Lure I Adore To Use With My Whole Heart

The lure I love to use are the X- Rap Saltwater Lures, I love them because they are durable and Strong when it comes to a fight. I’ve never had a problem with it yet. Anyways... But also had plenty of catches of these lures. I’ve caught Jacks, Spanish Mackerel, and Barracudas, And still it’s working fine.

I love how also the Color of my lures are, I love it when it’s the color of the water so that they would see that it’s a normal fish. Make it look like it’s in his habitat just swimming around. Hopefully I go out on the kayaks like I used too and throw out the lures to catch some monsters like back then... haaaa Good times....

My Second Favorite Lure

Another lure I love to use is the X-Rap Magnum 40 this is for more deeper fishes, again also good for jacks and Barracuda’s but this one I have it in yellowish Orange. It’s good for the Jacks Because for some reason me and my friend went out once and me and him were out throwing our lures and we see a random Jack start circling his lure and a snook pops out and tried to eat the Jack so we reeled in the jack and through in the lure but his lure got stuck to a pillar out near the dock where the water is so he lost the lure... but I tried to catch the snook but he wouldn’t bite.

Where To Find This Lure

You would fine this at your nearest Tackle shops, maybe even Walmart, also online just search on google X-Rap Rápala and the same with the X-Rap Magnum 40 it should pop up. They do cost a bit but it’s worth it. 

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