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Spring Coho Lake Michigan!

Author: Team KICK'R

Boat Full Of Spring Coho (Lake Michigan)

Location: East Chicago, IN 4/13

Late and quick report we have a busy week getting ready for a extremely busy schedule of tournaments starting this weekend! We fished Saturday and ended up 10 for about 20 and and didn't fish all day. We fished 20-40 fow with our baits in the top 15 feet of the water column. 

We caught fish on Michigan Stinger Pro Team stinger spoons,dodger/flies, and body baits. Our best setups were body baits 50-75ft behind Church Tackle boards. We look forward to hooking our first king of the season hopefully this weekend! 

We love the Bullbuster monofilament and we run it on every reel we run in one way or another. Whether it is on a downrigger rod or our longest long line filled with copper or lead core we use Bullbuster as a backer and a leader material! Run some Bullbuster for your self and we are sure you will agree it is a great quality line at a great price! If you ever have any questions about the line we run for different applications feel free to ask we would be happy to help you out!

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