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The History Of Big Game Fishing On Rod & Reel

- Tarpon 

Below is a video that talks about the birth of big game fishing in Florida.  The "silver king" or tarpon inspired the world to join the sport of big game fishing.  Anglers took a 50 hour trip from New York city to chase this legendary fish. 

Famous Tarpon anglers included Thomas Edison, Henry Ford who often rented room from George Shultz (the manager of the telegraph station). 

- Tuna Fishing

Dr. Charles Holder the founder of the Avalon Tuna Club put tarpon fishing on the map.  He was an avid promoter of the sport and knew how to get the medias attention.  In fact during the Spanish American War Holder and the Avalon Tuna clubs angling feats often competed with the war for space in the headlines. 

Michael Farrior is a tackle collector, former IGFA Trustee, and a historian the Avalon Tuna Club is lucky to have.  Below Michael talks about how thick the flying fish and tuna were in the early days of Catalina Island.  In the early days, he says that scouts were sent up the the hills to warn anglers of incoming Tuna which were often caught within 50 yards of the shore in small wooden skiffs. 

Anglers traveled from around the country and the world in order to chase the legendary tuna of Catalina Island.  The likes of Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill were amongst the visitors of the Avalon Tuna Club. 

- First Swordfish On Rod & Reel  Caught On A Kite ( Using Live Barracuda As Bait Offshore Catalina Island) Avalon Tuna Club Member

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