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Species Information: Yellowtail

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101: Yellow Tail Snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus)

Yellowtail snapper is extremely good eating!  Once you try it for the first time you will never want to stop eating them. 

Baby Yellowtail I caught nice fishing with

The Reward Fishing Fleet!

Where To Catch Yellowtail?

Yellow tail can be plentiful near coral reefs.   I’ve caught plenty but I’ve never actually driven a boat to where they are, I’ve always gotten Charters. The Reward Fleet in Miami Florida has a great night trip that targets yellowtail on the daily. 

Reward Fishing For Yellowtail At Night

Yellowtail Snapper Caught Aboard The Reward Fleet

What To Use To Catch Yellowtail?

What you can use to catch Yellowtail Snapper is chum the water (You can make your own chum by throwing fish into a bucket and just grinding it into small pieces, or you can just buy it) and free lining the bait with the chum.

Rigs For Yellowtail: 

- Jig Head

- Knocker Rig

- Mutton Rig 

( Check Out This Article If You Want To Learn How To Make Rigs For Bottom Fishing). 

Make Rigs For Bottom Fishing

Baits For Yellowtail Include:

- Squid

- Silver Sides

- Sardines

- Pilchards

- Shrimp

What’s The Best Line Pound To Use?

Most anglers use 20LB fluorocarbon and either 12Lb mono or 20Lb braid

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