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Species Information: Spotted Sea Trout

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101: Spotted Sea Trout (Cynoscion nebulosus)

Sea Trout
I caught this off live Sardines

Where To Catch Spotted Sea Trout?

Where I’ve caught Trout was in the grassy Flats, Up coastal rivers, sometimes in Deep water. But there mostly found in shallow water so they can catch there pray in the grass.

What Can You Use To Catch Spotted Sea?

I’ve caught them off live Pilchards and sardines. But also you can use shrimp but you have to set it up with a float so it doesn’t swim into the grass and get stuck. What you can also use is the artificial Shrimps, with a float also that can work to catch them.

What Hook To Use To Catch Spotted Sea Trout?

What I would use is a Circle Hook so when I throw the bait in I can just go ahead let the rod sit till you see the line pulling a little bit. Then I would just run to my rod and snatch it to hook up the fish.

What Line To Use To Catch Spotted Sea Trout?

Really doesn’t matter what line you use, just because they really aren’t big but to play it say use 15 Lb Monofilament, with 10Lb Fluorocarbon. Just because the rocks, or Coral in the grass might get stuck with your line you don’t want to lose that set up you already have.

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