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Species Information: Red Snapper

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101: Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus)

I’ve only caught Red Snapper once in my Life and it was in the keys in the Mangroves on my friends boat. I was a kid and it was a crazy fight, only because I was a kid. Also it’s also one of my favorite fishes to eat, just fry it and throw some lemon on top makes my mouth watery!

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Where To Catch Red Snapper?

Where Red Snappers are found are in the mangroves and Reefs. Mostly in the reefs in the deep water. You would catch Red Snappers more into the Atlantic Ocean all the way across the Gulf of Mexico.

What Can You Use To Catch Red Snappers?

Best used it to use Live bait, like Sardines, shrimp. You can use also cut up pieces of fish like ballyhoo and sardines.

What's line setup Can you use?

I would use Fluorocarbon 20Lb and 30Lb Braid or Monofilament. Just in case.. you might hook a Grouper than Red Snapper!

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