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Species Information: Pinfish

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101: Pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides)

Pinfish is one of my favorite baitfish.  I have caught a ton of species using pins.  Unfortunately I have yet to catch a snook with one, hopefully that changes. 

 Pinfish can be very expensive at bait shops because they are such hardy baits. Its great to learn how to catch them on your own.  I hope you enjoy this article with a few of my tips. 

Caught this cutie at Key Biscayne

Where To Catch Pinfish?

There are mostly in the rocky and grassy areas. You would be able to find them also on the mile markers out in the water close to shore.

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What can you use to catch them?

You can use small stuff like squid, shrimp, small cut up fish. You can also use the a medium to large sabiki rig, maybe put just small pieces of bait on the hook so it give it a little scent for when you throw it in.

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What Hook Can You Use To Catch Pinfish?

You can use a small J hook so you can hook the pin fish extremely easy. Again just put a small piece of bait on it and just pull when you feel it nibbling.

Catch Pinfish With This Hook

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