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Species Information: Peacock Bass

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101: Peacock Bass (Cichla ocellaris)

Peacock bass is one of my of my favorite fishes to catch. This is because they put up a great fight and are a beautiful fish to capture. 

Peacock Bass
My First Peacock !

Where To Catch Peacock Bass In South Florida

1) Canals 

2) Lakes

What To Look For

- Grass 

- Man Made Structure

- Fallen Trees

- Ledges  

How To Catch Peacock Bass?

Live Bait: Live shiners are a go to bait for peacock bass. 

Lures : Best Lures For Peacock Bass

What Hook To Use For Peacock Bass?

A small circle hook owner sized for your live shiner. Depending on the brand this may be a 1/0 sized circle hook. 

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