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Species Information: Peacock Bass

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101: Peacock Bass (Cichlidae)

Peacock bass is one of my of my favorite fishes to catch. Not only because they’re beautiful but because they give you a really fight! I really love them mostly because of how really beautiful they are, makes me enjoy every part of fishing every time!

Peacock Bass
My First Peacock !

Where To Catch Peacock Bass

Where you would target to find for Peacock Bass would be in canals, and Lakes. Look around where there is grass and like man made structures underwater that had fell in the water. They like to hide and attack their prey like Snook. I’ve known to catch Peas in the deep middle part of a canal Big ones too so that’s another good place to fish for them.

How To Catch Peacock Bass?

How I would catch Peacock is by using live bait, I would use shiners. Even tho this is a wide variety of baits I would use shiners. One of those other baits would be Worms, crickets, and crawfish. Also you would be able to use lures to catch some Peas, the love lures that move quick because, let’s say it’s trying to run away from him. Well Pea’s love when the pray run from them, so that’s a good on the lures too.

What Hook To Use For Peacock Bass?

What Hook To Use would be a Circle Hook so they hook themselves on when they go for the bite. But me personally I would use a shiner hook, it’s like the circle hook but made for shiners only instead of different fishes.

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