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Species Information: Crevalle Jack

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101 : Crevalle Jack (Caranx hippos)

Jacks mostly have similar species that are Blue Runner, Amberjack and I’m sure there is more but they don’t come to mind.

Where To Catch Jacks?

Practically everywhere, you would catch them at piers, Flats, in the Ocean. Also another fish I caught up in North Miami is Jacks up in the Flats, also in Key Biscayne I’ve caught them off a bridge.

What To Use To Catch Jacks?

Jacks love live bait! The love when their prey runs from them, even if it’s a small fish they don’t care. I would suggest to use sardines, and mullets. But also another thing you can use is lure they also love going for lure because, it looks like a fast prey running from them. Try to use bright colors to call on there attention, for example like barracudas.

What Hook Can You Use To Catch Jacks?

I say the best hook would be Circle Hook, Just because they take Snatch the bait out of nowhere so when they Snatch that bait you have on it’s a automatic catch. I would suggest you use the hook I referenced in my other article. The Mustad Demon Perfect Circle Hooks 4/0 these have never failed me and I hope they never will.

What Line To Use For Jacks?

Really all the line you need is 20Lb of braid or Monofilament, but I suggest to use monofilament justttt in case. You can also use a 20Lb or more depending on the size you want to go for.

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