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Species Information : Blue Runner

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101: Blue Runner (Caranx crysos)

This species are really common, back then when I started fishing on my own again, I caught this fish a lot and schools of them. With friends and family out in the keys and in Miami.

Blue Runners, and a Jack

I remember this day was really good just using Jumbo Shrimp right off the the shore of Key Biscayne, was a crazy day! ended making the whole family and some friends some fish tacos, extremely delicious!

Where Can You Catch Blue Runners?

You can catch Blue runner in the shore lines and out in the ocean, you will rarely see them out in the ocean unless it’s shallow water but for sure they will be bigger than in the coast. But you’ll find them also in the shoreline and in bays as in schools of fish.

How Can You Catch Blue Runners?

You can catch Blue runners with simple bait like shrimp, squid, Sardines. So once I’ve caught a whole school with Jumbo shrimp but I cut them in 1/4s and used a small J hook since they have small mouths. Caught so much I started giving them away.

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